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CAsB - Clube de Astronomia de Brasília
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The 16º ENAST (National Astronomy Meeting) will take place in Brasília, between November 14th and 17th.
The 16th ENAST will take place at
The 16th ENAST will take place at "Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães", Brasília (photo:

O 16º ENAST será no Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães, terceiro maior centro de convenções do Brasil. Em parceria com a Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação do DF, o CAsB conseguiu o espaço, que fica na região central de Brasília, próximo ao Planetário.

How to get to the event

Taxi: taxis have not been easy to find in Brasilia lately, but they are usually available at hotels. We believe that ENAST days will not be busy, so it will be easier to secure a taxi. Here is a piece of advice: agreeing to a fixed value for your taxi ride before you get to your destination is usually more expensive.

  • Rádio Táxi Alvorada (3321-3030): offers discounts, but is very busy. We advise you to call for your taxi well in advance.
  • Rádio Táxi Shalom (3321-8181): also very busy, in spite of not offering discounts. Call well in advance if you need.

A partir do Setor Hoteleiro Norte: vá para uma parada de ônibus no Eixo Monumental e se informe se o ônibus vai para o SIG, Estrutural ou Rodoferroviária. Sugestão de linha: 152 (e variações)

A partir da W3 Norte: pegue um ônibus do lado do sentido norte-sul da via que passe pela estrutural ou SIG. Sugestões de linha: 379, 376

A partir do Setor Hoteleiro Sul e W3 Sul: vá para um ponto de ônibus no lado da via do sentido sul-norte. Sugestão de linha: 179.1, 151.4

A partir da Rodoviária do Plano Piloto: pegue a linha 152

Carro: we advise you to use the map available at the top of this page to choose your route and get directions from Google Maps, or use the coordinates below on your GPS. Parking will be available at the venue.

Coordenadas para GPS: para localizar o Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães, pode inserir as seguintes coordenadas em seu aparelho: -15.788269,-47.900552.


Brasília at night. Imagem by NASA. Original at:
Brasília at night. Imagem by NASA. Original at:

Brasília is located on a central region of Brazil and has good infrastructure to welcome events and its participants. A planned, young city (founded in 1960) with a high per capita income, its architecture and urban planning place it among the best cities to live in the country, with large sidewalks that walk you through urban woods. Famous for its exuberant sky and very characteristic nature, it is also close to areas that favor amateur astronomical observation, among which we highlight Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Star trail at Chapada dos Veadeiros during the 5th EBA. Photo: Marcelo Domingues. Original at:
Star trail at Chapada dos Veadeiros during the 5th EBA. Photo: Marcelo Domingues. Original at:

The city was built around 2 axes - Eixo Monumental and Eixão - that cross in the central region, and streets running parallel to them. This arrangement favors the traffic of vehicles. At most times it is possible to cross the city by car in 20 minutes or less.

A bucolic phase was also planned for the city, rendering its urban environment agreeable for walks and contemplation. Bird watching in the Pilot Plan region is possible thanks to the very dense vegetation for an urban area, allowed to grow at open spaces.

Because of its unique and modern architecture, Brasília was the first place built in the 20th century to be listed as World Cultural Heritage.



In Brasília there is a dry season (Winter) and a rainy season (Summer). In November, when ENAST takes place, the sky may not be clear enough for observation activities, because it is usually a rainy month.

Other data

Population: 2,562,963 inhabitants (2010)
Long distance dialing code: (61)

Goiânia: 211 km
Porto Alegre: 2,121 km
Recife: 2,223 km
Rio de Janeiro: 1,160 km
São Paulo: 1,015 km


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