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CAsB - Clube de Astronomia de Brasília
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Your Travel

Here are some tips for you to prepare your trip to Brasilia.

The Organizing Committee of the 16th ENAST is negotiating with some companies to try to get special conditions to participants. In a near future, on this page you will find guidelines to take advantage.

Image crafted from Marcelo Domingues' photo. Original:
Image crafted from Marcelo Domingues' photo. Original:

What to bring on the trip

November in Brasilia is the beginning of the rainy season, so it might be good to bring some clothes to protect you from them. It is not unusual that you leave in the morning with clear skies and at lunchtime is raining, so the ideal is that the umbrellas or covers are easy to carry.

With regard to temperature, usually varies from 17 to 27. A light jacket can help if the cold squeeze a little, but not common, it is likely that the jackets remain forgotten in the bags, unless you easily feel cold. If the climate "act" like normal, light clothing will be better than warm clothes this time.

Bring also a camera, because the city has many interesting monuments.

On arrival

Taxis in Brasilia have disappointed us a bit, but at the airport, hotels and interstate bus station has always taxis waiting for passengers.


Besides taxis (they leave you at the door, but are more expensive), who arrive at the airport, there are buses (as cheaper alternative to taxis) you can consult the website of the airport. The bus lines that pass near the hotel sectors are these:

  • line 31: does not work on holidays and weekends, also stops after 20h. Pass by Hotel Sectors North and South by W3
  • line 102: works every day, but often have very limited on weekends and holidays. Passes near the Southern Hotel Sector by W3, then goes to the "Plano Piloto" bus station (central region), stops at 22h
  • line 113: executive coach, passes the Hotel Sectors North and South, and work every day until 23h

Interstate bus station

The Interstate bus Station is adjacent to a large shopping and the subway, which can be an alternative to taxis. There is no subway station near the hotel sectors, but, if you are a good portuguese speaker, you have two options choosing the subway:

  1. get off at the "Plano Piloto" bus station (central region) and catch a bus to the Southern Hotel Sector (line 107, which goes to the W3 South), or a bus to the Northern Hotel Sector (line 116, which goes to the W3 North)
  2. get off at "Asa Sul" station and catch the integration bus, which passes through the Southern Hotel Sector, goes to the the W3. This bus also passes by the Interstate bus Station, but it is much more comfortable and secure to wait in "Asa Sul" station


If you have a GPS it gets easier. If not, go straight towards the center of Brasilia, the Hotel Sectors are near TV Tower, which can be seen in the distance.


Brasilia is famous for its architecture and urban design. The city has many important monuments and museums (like the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial - he is a former president and the constructor of Brasília - and the exhibition space of the National Museum), in addition to having time to visit places like the Palace of the Foreign Ministry (Itamaraty), the National Congress and the Presidential Palace (the President's room usually be open during the visitation and the changing of the guard is also interesting). But evaluate well because these visits can be long and may limit your ride.

A good option can be to join a city tour on a 2 floors bus, with the upstairs open. It is about 2 hours ride taking visitors to the most important sights.

But if you prefer to relax rather than muck around, we recommend a ride on the "Pontão" or on the edge of the JK Bridge, but visitor access is not so easy due to lack of public transport.


Still speaking tour, the prediction is that the projection room of the Planetarium of Brasilia will be open before ENAST.

Bars and Restaurants

Brasília has a good range of bars and restaurants, with varied prices, environments and menus. In the city you can find from regional restaurants, to bars with medieval decor (and events inspired in this period). We recommend that you seek references on the "Veja" guide, which is very complete.

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